Jake Shimabukuro ~ The Greatest Day
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Jake expands on the new sound introduced by his previous release, Nashville Sessions, that includes a bassist, drummer, and a new guitarist to add new color and variety to the overall production. The album features some of Shimabukuro’s most imaginative and adventuresome playing yet. Half of the album is devoted to originals, on which the instrumentalist reaches new heights of compositional distinction. And on the covers, Shimabukuro’s prodigious skills allow him to transcend his material – not a small feat considering some of the classics and standards he’s tackling.


Track List:
1. Time of the Season
2. The Greatest Day
3. Eleanor Rigby
4. Pangram
5. Bizarre Love Triangle
6. Straight A's
7. If 6 Was 9
8. Shape of You
9. Go for Broke
10. Little Echoes
11. Mahalo John Wayne
12. Hallelujah

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Jake Shimabukuro ~ The Greatest Day

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