Johnny Valentine ~ Cassettes
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As Johnny was clearing old cassettes he found a collection of unfinished collaborations with friends going back as far as his college years. Many were great songs that had never been completed or released, so Johnny made it a priority during 2018 to begin completing those collaborations. Some of those songs were started with friends who are now deceased, and in a way, this CD is a tribute to those unsung artists who lived with music in their hearts. The CD offers a chance to hear work that would otherwise have been left behind. Musicians include Ethan Capone, Randy Aloya, Shawn Ishimoto, Rockford Holmes, Garin Poliahu, Todd Yukumoto, Eldred Ahlo, Dennis Graue, and more.

Track List 
1. Put It In
2. By My Side
3. Reflections Shine
4. Sweet Fantasy
5. Another Time, Another Place
6. Freedom
7. Crying in the Rain
8. He'll Never Walk Away
9. Shadow
10. Waikalua

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Johnny Valentine ~ Cassettes

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