Stephen Inglis ~ Learning You By Heart
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From his award-winning album with the late Rev. Dennis Kamakahi, versatile guitarist and singer-songwriter Stephen Inglis returns with 13 original songs of Americana/Roots music at its finest, with an amalgam of country, folk, rock and more. The album includes four songs co-written with the award-winning and world renowned author, historian and filmmaker Gavan Daws, and legendary duo Tuck and Patti appear as guest artists and producers on the track, “Don’t Postpone Joy.”


Track List

1. Blind With Haste

2. Learning You by Heart

3. Lay Your Dagger Down

4. Our Younger Days

5. Maria Luisa

6. Don’t Postpone Joy (featuring Patti Cathcart-Andress & Tuck Andress)

7. Troubadour

8. Cold Sunday

9. My Latest Offering

10. Carousel

11. Wildfire

12. Find Your Way Back Home

13. The Long Run

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Stephen Inglis ~ Learning You By Heart

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